I was lucky enough to grow up in a participating society in which everyone naturally curtailed anyone’s kid’s misbehavior, especially in public places. In the same way, anyone brought to order a lousy, lazy parent of a kid on those rare occasions when it was acting up in public. There were no “parenting styles” or changing fads on how to spoil the kid. There were no manuals written by clueless specialists who have never seen a well-mannered kid. These manuals are based on a small research subject group of kids, but oblivious of the simple fact that whole societies all around the world successfully raise respectful, obedient, and happy kids without ever having read a single book on this subject.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a society in which people learn how to raise and teach kids respect while still being kids themselves. Living without the luxury of large houses for each nuclear family, but rather in overcrowded housing settings with many relatives, children and adolescents had an opportunity not only to see, but also to participate in the process of raising younger kids, assuming their roles of older relatives as naturally as assuming breathing air right after birth. Equipped with this experience, they naturally assumed the roles of the parents when their own children came into this world, knowing exactly what to do to teach the next generation respect.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a society in which adults, as people with life experience and wisdom, give orders, and kids obey, where kids must not interrupt adults’ conversations, where kids must never talk back to adults and must always respect the elderly, where kids know the word “no” and “not allowed” since the first months of their lives, and where discipline is administered consistently in the same way by all members of the society.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a society in which people are not harassed nor manipulated into accepting all kinds of kids’ rudeness and outrageous behavior in public places, but protest immediately and strictly require restoration of order and respect.

I have been to about forty countries on six continents in the majority of which kids are properly and consistently taught respect, not only by their parents, but also by the participating societies as a whole.

I did not appreciate this respect resulting from consistency and discipline until I lost it when moving to kid-obsessed America. I was shocked to see a society in which a kid is worshiped as a deity. I was appalled to hear ear-piercing screams and aggressive yells and roars in all kinds of public space with absolutely no reaction from disrespectful parents and the docile society. I was dumbstruck to see kids running wild up and down the aisles in stores and restaurants with no reaction from other customers nor from the businesses themselves. And the worst of all, I was left speechless to see people giving up their seats for kids on public transportation while senior citizens were standing.

I find the behavior of American kids and their parents appalling. I am unpleasantly surprised that polite adults are not able to defend themselves against this omnipresent domination of outrageous disrespect. As much as I enjoy other aspects of this otherwise great country, the said behavior is simply unacceptable.

The purpose of this blog is to tell alternative ways. I would like to tell the polite people out there that there is nothing wrong in strictly demanding parents and businesses to stop the disrespectful kid’s behavior immediately. And I would, above all, like to tell the parents who are willing to teach kids respect but got lost in all this baloney of “parenting styles”, how millions of people in the world raise kids with outstanding results. To this end, I will use examples from both American and other societies, as well as comparisons and constructive criticism.

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