Why are American kids so rude?

Americans are a kid-obsessed society. The center of their universe are kids. Their world revolves around kids. Their lives are focused on pleasing, spoiling and worshiping kids. Adults are at kids’ orders and mercy everywhere, all the time, no exceptions, no breaks, no excuses. Worst of all, American parents impose their outrageously behaving offspring on other people and harass these people into the belief that there is nothing wrong in the said behavior.

As a result of this omnipresent worship on one side and permissiveness on the other, kids are extremely rude, selfish and entitlement-minded. They have no respect for anyone, do not know any authority, do not know what obedience is and do not know a difference between a playground and an office or a bank. They fill all public spaces with ear-piercing and aggressive screams, monkey-like jumps (no offense to actual monkeys) and wild kicks, thus ruining the whole experience for everybody else out in society.

How come in other societies kids stand still and quiet as well as obey and respect adults? The difference is proper training in these societies and lack thereof in kid-obsessed America.

As a person who lived in other countries and traveled to six continents, I see clear and obvious differences in the way kids are treated between the societies where they are respectful and obedient and kid-obsessed America where worshiping them yields lamentable results.

In this blog, I will show the differences in raising processes as well as in the way the societies regard a kid and its place in these societies.